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We should be flattered

Images like the ones below are common to see on different websites. Places like Etsy and eBay are places we see such images. What is the problem? Well the images are from GlaciaLeather and feature some of the products we now sell. These websites just steal the images, try and remove the watermarks and claim to be the people who made the products. 

The problem with that is they have no knowledge of how to construct such an item. they have not done the design process. They have no feedback from customers on how the item fits, how it feels when worn and if the item works as intended.

This is one of the reasons we are generating new images for this website. We are also clamping down on any company that uses our images to promote sales of items that are clearly not theirs in the images.

We should be flattered that many companies want to rip off our designs and offer those products for sale. You might be tempted as most of those companies will be offering the products at lower prices. There are reasons for this so please bear in mind that you get what you pay for in life.

We use the best leather we can source. We don’t skimp on quality and pride ourselves in supplying products that we know work. 

So please do not think we are “yet another company” using images that are seen over the web. We are THE company who make these products and the chances are you have seen our images used illegally by others. Trust us as these images are ours. These images reflect our products we have spent time developing. Beware of imitations!

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"We received the leather prison suit yesterday and we are EXTREMELY happy with how it turned out. It’s definately quite an experience. It’s amazing. We cannot spend enough time in it"

Quilted Bondage Suit

Meet the people behind LeatherPrison



The leather maker

GlaciaLeather have been making some of the most impressive leather items for bondage enthusiats for years now.

You may not of heard of them but we can guarantee that you have seen some of their work on social media etc.

When it comes to working with leather, the skill on display is attracting lots of attention Worldwide.

Based in the Karachi area of Pakistan, the area is thriving for production of many different types of goods that are sent all around the World.



The bondage addict

JB has been into all things bondage for a long time.

His fetish interests are far and wide but he loves his leather bondage and has always had a facination with straitjackets. This love of bondage resulted in Jacketbound.com launching back in the late 90’s. The website is not only a showcase of great bondage  but allows those with similar interests to get together and share ideas and meet up.

He also looks after many authors writings with BoundEditions.com where fiction covering all sorts of fetish and bondage interests are made available through lots of different channels.

Based in the UK, he lives a happy life with his wife and dogs.

"My subs are very happy with their suits. I plan to take them both next weekend to a leather club in them. Thank you for a superb product . It will get a lot of use."

Quilted Bondage Suit