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LeatherPrison quilted bondage suit promo shot

LeatherPrison Quilted Bondage Suit

Locked in Leather!

As the zip is pulled down from the top of the hood, you hear a click and realise that the back zip has been padlocked shut. You are now in head to toe leather bliss. Bondage! With no way out.

The utimate in luxury. A complete head to toe bondage experience in wonderful  leather.

LeatherPrison Bondage Catsuit promo shot

LeatherPrison SleepSack V2

The best way to sleep !

Nice and heavy, leather sleepsack to keep you all nice and snug at night whilst you dream away the hours.

with internal sleeves and belts galore, this will keep you very secure until somebody decides to let you out!


LeatherPrison Straitjacket

The perfect jacket for any event !

With inspiration from one of the greatest straitjacket makers, LeatherPrison’s straitjacket will offer all the key features needed that go into making a straitjacket special. 

Get your jacket on NOW

LeatherPrison Bondage Catsuit promo shot

LeatherPrison SJ Catsuit

A Second Skin

A fully enclosing leather catsuit with attached hood, sealing you inside and keeping you warm.

Your hands are useless as the sleeves end with buckles fastening you straitjacket style into pure bondage bliss.


LeatherPrison Puppy Suit

Now get out of that !

Now this is something different !
A straitjacket style top, but a bondage setup to stop you walking around everywhere. Once you get strapped into this, you won’t be getting out until you are released.

Quite an intense setup and one that will provide hours of fun, but maybe not to the person trapped inside.

LeatherPrison Bondage Catsuit promo shot

LeatherPrison Split Puppy Suit

Variations are good !

If you like the Puppy Suit then check out the two piece version.

You can use the straitjacket on its own, or zip it to the lower part and you have the puppy suit. What could be better - options !


LeatherPrison Leg Binder

Straitjacket for legs !

Encase your legs in wonderful leather and strap them together so they can’t do much.

Not quite a sleepsack, but half of one !

Give your legs the bondage treatment.

LeatherPrison Bondage Catsuit promo shot

LeatherPrison Bondage Suit

Control that Slave!

Need to keep your slave or sub in leather bondage?

Then the bondage suit can be worn for extended periods and can transform from easy to move around to something much different with a few straps here, hood there and hand mitts!


LeatherPrison Padded Bondage Suit

A new twist !

A new style bondage suit with lots of padding to make the suit both inescapable but lovely to wear.

Lots of lockable straps waiting for padlocks make it even more fun.

LeatherPrison Bondage Catsuit promo shot

LeatherPrison Bondage Boots

Lock those feet up

The perfect thing for those wayward feet.

Get them locked up in lovely leather.


LeatherPrison Bondage Top

For that club event !

What better than to wear out to your fetish event that a bondage top from LeatherPrison. With lots of nice touches this will turn heads and finish off that perfect outfit for any event !

LeatherPrison Bondage Catsuit promo shot

LeatherPrison Vouchers

The Perfect Present

The perfect gift for that special person.

Gift Cards are available, not only to give to others but also to provide a great way to save up for that item you have always wanted.

Available Now !