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LeatherPrison StraitJacket


Welcome to the LeatherPrison straitjacket. This is a straitjacket packed with lovely features and is well built, heavy and once in, you are not getting loose!

Featuring three D rings at the collar and a strap to go around the neck. We then have 4 straps down the back and two crotch straps to keep the jacket snug. But that’s not all. We then have three straps that are the pinion straps, that wrap around the arms and secure at the back of the jacket. If you ahve worn a straitjacket with pinion straps you really love the feeling of that extra strap making things secure. But we have extra straps, so when you get bored of the arms crossed across the front of the body, you can drop both arms to the side and secure them via the D rings at the side of the jacket to keep the arms secure to the body. The final straps go through the sleeve end and secure around the thighs.

With a destinctive quilted sections at the elbows and the hands together with the two toned colours of grey and black, this is a very unique straitjacket.

The straps are heavy, wide and thick and have been improved in recent tests to make them more secure. We have also upgraded the buckles to make them more luxurious! Spoiling the wearer eh!

In the images seen here, the leather is Cow 1mm and the jacket is leather lined. The jacket can be made in even thicker 1.3mm leather and you have choices of lining. For those who don’t want leather all over, you can have the jacket lined with cotton or satin.

This is a heavy bondage item and when you wear it, you know you won’t be getting out any time soon.

We are looking into different colour combinations but for now we only offer this jacket in grey and black. Of course if you like the all black approach then that’s an easy tweak to the design.

All items are hand made to your measuerments to make sure it fits perfectly and of course, comes with Free Shipping!


“Straitjackets are my thing. I love them and this is just lovely. The design is striking and I love the colour. It’s great to wear until I want out and get told NO!"




Cow leather 1mm as stadard
Cotten or Satin lining but can be upgraded to leather lining
Welded D rings throughout the suit
A total of 5 straps across the back of the jacket
Side loops to prevent the arms being lifted over the head
Frotn strap to secure ther arms against the chest
Extra sets of straps to secure arms to side of the body
Upgraded straps and buckles
Choice of Grey and / or Black

All jackets are made to measure to provide the perfect fit.

Production time for the Straitjacket is approximately 20 days. If there are to be any delays on that we will let you know immediately.

How to Buy the Straitjacket

Below are the options available for the LeatherPrison straitjacket.
Please select those options you require to configure the perfect suit for your tastes.

When you place your order, please use the notes section on the order to add any instructions you need to let us know and also provide us with your measurements as per the measurements guide page.